There are a million stories in the naked city

That was a cool phrase spoken and the beginning and ending of a TV show from the 50’s. it was before my time but I am going to use it in a new podcast I am creating for a weekly show about the past and present of the town of Upper Marlboro and vicinity. Is there that much going on that it deserves a podcast and this blog ( I don’t know but if you listen to the show you are going to find out as I do about the history of the building that is now the Old Town Inn and more. The thriving restaurant and the owner has a story to tell. The plethoras of Bail Bondsmen that line the streets like a “Potterstown,” on Main Street, answer a question.

Did you know the history behind the main library? Did you know that tobacco was once the principle crop in this area and it was called by another name? Did you know how many people were hanged in this town? Did you ever hear the story of the little girl that poisoned her slavers’ son with arsenic? Did you know that they are thinking of moving the courthouse to Largo in the near future? Do you know how many police officers the town has? How about how many places of worship exist? Have you ever stopped by Marlboro Liquors and seen how nice the folks are there? Do you know their story?

There are a number of historic sites in walking distance of each other. Do you know the town has a historical society?
Do you appreciate a good story? The founder of this blog is going to try to make the things and places you pass by on your way home fascinating through the spoken word using the great new medium known as podcasting. It will be free to download on your smart phones or computer. Savvy businesses in the area can get free advertising through the interviews which are to come and even support the show financially to get professionally produced audio commercials played on this on demand show aimed at the same people that frequent your establishments. This will be a fabulous opportunity for any size business in Upper Marlboro to partner with something news worthy.

There are a million stories in the naked city, this is just one of them….

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