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How Long Should Your Intro Music Be

The length of a podcast intro or the necessity of it is one of those questions you only ponder if you are a podcast creator that is seeking to grow a large audience. This blog was created as a resource for aspiring giants and podcasting peers of mine. I don’t teach friends how to podcast […]

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We All Must Fight

I realized this morning after leaving my mother in the hospital last night that we all must fight in some way or another. She will have to undergo therapy to recover from a slight stroke. She knows what she must do but not all of us know we are in a fight too. I for […]


Can You Rock It Like This?

You can listen to their first show from the player above. Today I helped give birth to a new podcast from Womens’ Outdoor News. I can’t tell you how excited I am for them because their show will only improve with time. They will learn so much and add so much to their online presence […]