Send Me Someone To Love


We take it for granted sometimes.  Days like Valentines Day remind us about the people in our lives. I was talking to an artist about a painting she is selling and I asked her what does it mean and her words were as fluid as the typography of her painting. Love is the one thing that we all seek, regardless of age, occupation or position.

As an artist, I know and appreciate what it takes to pour your soul out onto canvas and hope that it touches another. I have chosen to use this site to share my discovery’s with you. There are talented people all around us, some live in quiet desperation to share their music or art with you. J. Rodgers is one you should pay attention to.

Art is a form of expressing oneself.

J.Rodgers said that this is how she screams on canvas. This is something visually entertaining and activity which manifests beauty. It reminded me of the song by Queen that Freddie Mercury sang called Send Me Someone to Love.

This is “A Single Hearts Prayer”

It is a 36” x 48” acrylic –  $2850


The style and appearance of the fonts will take you there. The multicolored piece is vibrant. The artist is a survivor of life’s many tragedies, abuse, homelessness, despair and have overcome to raise her two children to adulthood. Feel the strength and the heart in a work that the artist said is a prayer for GOD to send a person with the listed traits.





The work you see here is a plea to God to send her someone to love. She said she was screaming these words on canvas. Each word represents a trait she is looking for in a mate.



The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. – Marcus Aurelius


If you would like to own this original work of art, please contact me at and I will pass on the contact information for Ms Rodgers.  Thank you in advance.


Can anybody find me somebody to love



Nina Simone and Three Angry Birds

That of course, was not the title of the stage play I saw at Arena Stage but it is what came to mind last night.

Arena Stage was home to a passionate play featuring the thoughts and fears of women of Birmingham, Alabama minutes after the 16th Street church bombing in 1963.  It has nothing to do with the cartoon Angry Birds.  The backdrop was after white supremacist killed four little girls in a church (Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, and Carol Denise Mcnair.); during our country’s Civil Rights struggle.

The story went deep into the suggested reasons for Nina Simones’ music, her pain and artistry.

Nina Simone: Four Women introduced me to her music, and a reminder of how far we have not come as Americans. Poverty, hate, ignorance, classism and racism is still here. The good news is that we can talk about it now. We can take shows like this one and have dialogue to uncover our misconceptions, issues and fails. People of color around the world still have problems with the shades of our complexions. This was amplified by the dialogue on several occasions. This is a thinking persons’ play. It was entertaining too but graphically hit some deep seated problems that haven’t healed since 1963.  Sitting dead center on the first row makes an impression on you.

I was not familiar with Nina Simone’s biography but some nuggets of it came out during this performance. The mix of traditional songs, hers, and Gospel was excellently done. Harriett D. Foy was believable as the diva herself. She scared me. The three birds that accompanied Nina Simone were outstanding. Theresa Cunningham “sang” that thing as Sarah. Toni L. Martin as the “High yella gal” named Sephronia did a great job making us feel the pain of color barriers within our own race. And Felicia “Sweet Thing” Curry was raw, hot and passionate in her role.

I love the performing arts at Washington, DC’s Arena Stage (the Mead Center for American Theater). The food is expensive but good. The arts are always excellent. One of the few reasons I haven’t moved away from this city.

If you can see this, take some friends, eat dinner, see this show and then discuss.

Five things you need to know to write a successful book

If you want to write a book or have one already that isn’t selling let me give you some insight. If you are doing it to make money then I have some sage advice from Thomas Edison.

This week I received a proof of two books I published through Amazon’s CreateSpace program. I am excited about it. It looks great. It was a side project that I had to do like a drug addict needs a fix. I gave up sleep and money I didn’t have to do this. The story is one of many I have in my head that needed to get out. A really good friend of mine who is also addicted to creating helped me make this happen.

Derek is a gifted writer that works great with me. He can do what I have trouble doing. Together with the concept, composition and design we have made two short stories called Solomon Love. I didn’t plan it but would love to make this a series.

I do hope also that I can find people that want to buy the book. In my dreams this will be a successful series that becomes a movie or graphic novel like The Walking Dead or Harry Potter.   Hope unfortunately is not a good plan.

When Tower Records and Borders bookstores closed I weeped. It is said that people did more looking than buying. As a writer I thought, “there goes another instance where what I do is not esteemed in my era”. The phrase ‘starving artist’ comes to mind. If nobody is buying books why should I write them? I write because I love doing it.

This is not the way of success.

Successful writers have a sales plan. Everything is selling. Just like with any product, you need to know how to sell it before you create it.

“I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others… I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent.” Thomas Edison

Here’s what I learned.

I write about what I think is interesting and hope that other people find it interesting.

If you want to make money on your book you need know five things. to:

1. Who you’re going to sell it to.

2. Who the end user is (sometimes the buyer and reader are different).

3. What price point you’re going to set it at.

4. How you’re going to distribute it.

5. What you’re going to do to promote it.

The answers to these questions will help you write a book that people want to read. If it’s not marketable, it won’t sell.

I hired a sales coach that helped/hurt my feelings with almost everything he said to me. It helped me because I learned. It hurt because it made me realize how much time and money I have lost over the years.

I have come to realize also though that everything isn’t money. Sometimes you have to do things that make you happy. Writing does that for me.

Now that you know, what are you going to do?

My short stories are about a runaway slave that is “rescued” by a supernatural entity. He becomes immortal and hides in plain sight as a blues musician. His secret is uncovered when he becomes the target of a corrupt police officer and unleashes his dark side to protect himself. It also involves others and the world that was once the thing of myth becomes reality for those who encounter Solomon Love.

I hope you will take a gander at the book now available on / CreateSpace.

Conversation with Tyrone Sherrod of [podcast 78]

On this podcast episode of the Kenn Blanchard Show, I share a conversation and introduce to some a man making a difference in the Baltimore, MD area named Tyrone Sherrod. Mr. Sherrod is the founder of, a business that helps kids and people in need in the inner city.



He is a “social entrepreneur.” He has taken his gifts and used them to help where he can. Our conversation is detailed as Mr. Sherrod talks about his past, his passion and is pursuit to help people despite the bureaucracy and failing of organizations and people that could.



The music used in the intro and outro of the show comes from a gifted musician and teacher named Damon Foreman who is also from Maryland.

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