Send Me Someone To Love


We take it for granted sometimes.  Days like Valentines Day remind us about the people in our lives. I was talking to an artist about a painting she is selling and I asked her what does it mean and her words were as fluid as the typography of her painting. Love is the one thing that we all seek, regardless of age, occupation or position.

As an artist, I know and appreciate what it takes to pour your soul out onto canvas and hope that it touches another. I have chosen to use this site to share my discovery’s with you. There are talented people all around us, some live in quiet desperation to share their music or art with you. J. Rodgers is one you should pay attention to.

Art is a form of expressing oneself.

J.Rodgers said that this is how she screams on canvas. This is something visually entertaining and activity which manifests beauty. It reminded me of the song by Queen that Freddie Mercury sang called Send Me Someone to Love.

This is “A Single Hearts Prayer”

It is a 36” x 48” acrylic –  $2850


The style and appearance of the fonts will take you there. The multicolored piece is vibrant. The artist is a survivor of life’s many tragedies, abuse, homelessness, despair and have overcome to raise her two children to adulthood. Feel the strength and the heart in a work that the artist said is a prayer for GOD to send a person with the listed traits.





The work you see here is a plea to God to send her someone to love. She said she was screaming these words on canvas. Each word represents a trait she is looking for in a mate.



The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. – Marcus Aurelius


If you would like to own this original work of art, please contact me at and I will pass on the contact information for Ms Rodgers.  Thank you in advance.


Can anybody find me somebody to love