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Making Music and Making Love

There are no guarantees that the music you make is appreciated. There is no guarantee that the person you love will love you like you love them.  Even though we subconsciously know this, we try again anyway.  Musicians similarly create, compose, sing, arrange and master music in hopes that others listen, like and share their […]


Keeping it 100

The mission of Blanchard Media Group is to help one hundred entrepreneurs succeed online through new media. If I can keep it 100%, a slang term for being 100% truthful –I want to make 100 businesses my business. “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which way you go.” — Cheshire Cat, […]


Hip Hop Artists Like DurdyBanga, and PINOY

This is a great time to be an independent artist, or a creator of music. You don’t have to rely on a “big label” to pimp your product. The days of “payola” has changed into syndicated radio stations. To succeed as an artist today all you have to do is find your audience. After my […]


Indy Artist Help: What’s Better Than “Likes” ?

I just recently I found out that a co-worker is a hip hop artist that goes by the name Durdy Banga. He was the impetus for this. He has music everywhere but on his very own site. I like his stuff. But so what? Having someone like your YouTube video is cool but it doesn’t […]