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Introduction to Reed Miller Episode 3

In this our third episode of the WarriorCast Podcast I introduce you to a lifestyle martial artist named Reed Miller. Reed is awesome. He is a law enforcement officer and assist in training at his gym. It is my hopes that you learn something tangible from our conversation this week as we start the momentum […]


Secret of Success

If success were easy everybody would be having it. As I looked at the fight game from guy on the outside I realized why some really good people aren’t getting the deals that a select few have. You’re in the gym not on Facebook. I get it. You got your jab down pat. Your sweep […]


Step One

Starting a new website and podcast about mixed martial artist, UFC, boxing, Muay Thai and the people in it.  Join my list so I can do this thing right! Learn how the pros do it. Get tips. Get Inspiration. Be motivated. Share your story. Follow a local favorite. Hear insight. Find out what’s going on. […]