Podcast Editing and Producing

Podcasting is growing like a weed on the internet. Many are discovering that producing quality, consistent and entertaining audio can support a community. Having a brand evangelist is better than a paid employee. A great podcast is good for bloggers, businesses and just about anyone wanting to make an impact.
A good show is easy on the ears. It entertains, inspires, and educates. Producing audio is relatively easy. Posting it on a hosting site for distribution is also simple. The challenge is creating content that your audience wants to share with others.

I have been podcasting since 2007. I have tried all types of things on the eleven different shows that have come and gone. My longest standing podcast has taught me the most. The Black Man With A Gun Show, has taught me about marketing, psychology, politics, and community. The topic of gun control is evergreen in the United States. Throw race in that mix and you have the ingredients for a volatile show. I’ve managed to blend it into something different from what people think it will be about. Because of my success, I think I can help almost anyone with a niche produce a good show that is loved by its audience.

I have created a podcast editing service. I can take your raw audio and do everything for you. Everything would be editing the raw audio, removing noise, mouth and breathing sounds, ticks, speech and diction “mistakes” and making the host(s) sound better for the listener. I can add transitions, ads, features, intros, and outros for the show in a tasteful and conscientious way that sounds natural and In you style. I can level all audio down so that the experience is enjoyable. I can change the format so that it is small enough to work, but remain good audio quality, and save you money in hosting space. I can upload the finished product for you to your hosting account and schedule it for distribution. Inside the hosting account, I can help with tagging, choice of aggregators, album art suggestions and even the art itself from my team here.

And if you want I can add you to my Gun Podcast Network which is a page with its own social media to help send out your message.
The Gun Podcast Network is positioned to be a great resource in the outdoor loving community. Being a part of it, brings you automatically into a family of listeners that have been following me. Right now it is percolating and maturing as


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