A rising tide lifts all boats.

A friend of mine that is a successful podcaster has a network of shows.  He motivated me to try to do the same thing.  I didn’t have the same success but I learned from it so it wasn’t a failure.  In this funky culture we live in, people get paid indirectly today for their work.  (My wife asked this after every speaking invitation I receive, “Did you get paid for this?”)  To be remunerated in benefits and social capital isn’t the same.  Social capital is a form of economic and cultural capital in which you are paid by gaining trust, cooperation, and services and sometimes products for volunteering for the common good. The big plus of social capital is reciprocity, which encourages bargaining.  The negative is that you can’t buy a sandwich with a Facebook “like.”  My network which is more like podcast shows I produce and those of friends is there to share my social capital.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats – John F. Kennedy

The quote attributed last to President Kennedy means to me just that. 

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It’s all about love for me. Podcaster are making a difference in this world. Trying to expand my network and help my friends. 


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