You Can Start A Podcast in 2018

It’s the hot new thing for bloggers, authors, storytellers, and almost any business. It’s been around for almost 15 years now but is just starting to be accepted by the masses.  Podcast are usually given for free in hopes that the time and effort spent to produce it is appreciated, and compensated in some way.  The audience chooses to invest their time in host that resonate with them.  You have a good opportunity here.

Podcasting is great because you can share information, news, and interest.  A good podcast has an audience.  Your goal is to find and identify them.  A great podcast has a community.  Like Speakers Corner in London, England’s Hyde Park, you can talk about anything.  It is becoming easier to do every day.  And so more people are trying it to augment their blogs.  There is even a slight “gold rush” frenzy going on where hopefuls want to cash in on the new medium.  As with any new endeavor there are people seeking to cash in on it by creating schools, coaching sessions or webinars about it.  Caveat emptor 

There are a few best practices to succeed in podcasting.

  1. Have a plan.
  2. Make a goal.
  3. Have an audience in mind.
  4. Don’t belabor anything.  Make the show as long as it has to be and no longer.
  5. Be  unique.
  6. Be audible.
  7. Don’t waste your listeners time.
  8. Market your show where your audience is.
  9. Make good content
  10. Listen and ask for feedback.

If you want to learn how to do it correctly, I recommend my friend, Dave Jackson of The School of Podcasting.  The guy has videos, classes and one-on-one consulting to get you going in the right direction.  


If you want podcast album art, we can provide that for you here.  Just let me know.  I’ll make sure your design is vibrant, eye catching and made for social media specifications.  Don’t DIY it, please.  Folks can tell.


If you want someone else to take your raw audio, and produce it (edit, level and upload it to your hosting account for you, adding tags and album art) for you every week, consider me for that too.  The shows I produce I will also help market as a courtesy. Editing and producing a podcast is both technical and an art.  There are some definitive things you have to do to produce good audio, and encourage the listener to continue.  I currently edit the Womens Gun Show Podcast in addition to my own.  In the process of creating a new site to promote the works of others I am connected to like theirs.


Call or email me if you want my help. If you don’t that is ok too. Just get started and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. or 240-623-7200


It’s the learning that makes life great. There is no failure, only lessons.



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