A New Podcast Coming Soon

On October 1, 2017 I was divinely inspired to start a new podcast. That thought was immediately looked at with doubt. I had started several “Christian” based podcasts before. Each time, I did it, something miraculous happened. Even with that I couldn’t starve the doubts. I couldn’t maintain my motivation. I thought that each one was for a specific purpose and when that was accomplished I was done.

What is going to make this one different?

I am putting ten years of experience of podcasting into this one. I am going to use some of the things I learned recently to grow it. This one is going to be different because I want it to be succeed the fame of the blackmanwithagun.com podcast.


It’s a sign of spiritual maturity when a believer realizes his/her own mortality and adopts a biblical perspective on God and eternity. We are taught not concern ourselves with the daily affairs of this world, except how we might please the Lord and show love to others.

The growing Christian realizes there is no eternal value in the accumulation of wealth, nice homes or expensive cars, as these are only fuel for the great fire. This does not mean the believer cannot enjoy wealth if God gives it; certainly He can. Rather, the mature believer does not hold tightly to material things, but walks in the truth that

“one life will soon be past, and only what’s done for Christ will last”.

When we’re facing discouragement, especially about our faith, we need someone who will reflect God at work when we can’t see Him ourselves.

We tend to focus on what we’re not doing right. This is why we need others to tell us what we’re doing well. Sometimes we need to hear that God has actually used us.

This is my opportunity to share hope, life and Christian faith with you. This podcast is a ministry. It will be found on Blanchard Ministries. It’s a chance to give you encouragement, inspiration, and love. I’m here to help you, to grow your faith in God and less in man. I’m here to make sure you get what you missed in church, tabernacle or temple. Look for the new show to come out soon. If you would like to be contacted and be on the family list when it does to subscribe to it, click here

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