Big Butts

Cigar smoking is no longer for old fat cats at the country club. However, it was that image that drew me to it. I love smoking a premium cigar once in awhile. I prefer Maduros from Nicaragua or Honduras I have discovered. I am a fan of the big gauges. I like the big butt.

The only thing left after smoking a cigar is a big butt
– John Leguizamo, The Pest

There are many reasons why we enjoy cigars. We do it traditionally (1) to celebrate the birth of a child, (2) a wedding or (3) a promotion.

To me, it goes with fine wine, strong drink and good company all in the pursuit of happiness. It’s a status symbol that used to belong only to aristocracy.

The use of tobacco is frowned upon now socially in places I don’t go with people I don’t talk to you generally, as a serious health issue that causes cancer from the mouth to the neighborhood. If this feature isn’t for you, I understand. I believe that done in moderation, your body can recover from whatever ill effects we do to it.

Technically, aged cigars (the finer variety) have less acid, alkalinity and nicotine than cigarettes. (Seek quality [no drugstore smokes here] for not only your health but the experience.) Cigars are usually not inhaled so though not free from trouble, may have less of it. It is still “bad” for you so now that I said that I can go on.

Even though I prefer this to be a social activity, I do it alone 90% of the time. I usually smoke at the end of a long day or in celebration of a similar week. I smoke alone usually because I am not able to smoke with anyone of like minds at the time I want to fire one up. I use it to relax from my routine, to contemplate parts of the universe or when watching my grass grow. It is definitely me time, knowing that the smoke wards away family members.

There is an art and culture to this thing and that is what I will share in the coming weeks. It’s always nicer to smoke with someone that you can converse with. Please feel free to share your favorites and comments on the shows and show notes to come.

If you like a good smoke, I would love to have your recommendations and comments, too.

Smoking maybe dangerous to your health but so is living. I’ve always had an affinity to cigar and pipe smokers. The men that did in my circles were wise, accomplished, and older than I. I always wanted to be older, now I am.

I’m still learning about cigars and want to share what I have gathered so far with you for possibly an exchange of information. Things– like your favorite:

• Brands
• Cigar cutters
• Lighters
• Humidors
• Places you’ve smoked
• Good and bad experiences associated with, etc.

I want to know what you enjoy. What are your favorite brands?

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