Six Podcast Tips For Producers

Podcasting allows us to share our passions, experiences, knowledge and interest with others just like us. It is easy to get caught up on technology, software and strategies when it’s more important to give your audience a reason to share their time with you or return. Be conscious of what you present.

I’ve been podcasting since 2007 and want to share six (6) podcasting tips on some things I have learned.

(1) Don’t Be Boring.

Your listener will forgive poor sound quality, quicker than they will wasting their time. Time wasters happen when the host is distracted, caught up in their own issues, doesn’t get to the point, or is so in love with the platform that they add too many elements in the show. It is your show but…

It is your show, to create and change as you desire but if you want anyone else to enjoy it you have to do it for them. I remember a podcast that loved their intro music more than we did. I fast forwarded it to the dialog as soon as I technology made it possible. Please consider the audience. Get feedback as soon as possible. Use surveys, Facebook groups, twitter post, or ask in person the first chance you get. Get to know your audience. Find out who your “avatar” is.

(2) Attitude is everything.

Use your podcast to speak directly to one person. Although thousands may be listening, talk to your audience as if it were just one. Use the words, “you” and “us” more than “the listener.” You have the power of the spoken word. Be upbeat and energetic unless your show is supposed to be somber and mysterious. Believe me or not, you can hear a smile. Don’t be afraid to laugh.

(3) Be consistent.

The key to growing your audience is have them expect to get your show the same time very week. Allow them to chose how they receive it but when at all possible be regular like a tv sitcom. People adjust their schedules to hear you. Even though podcasts consummation is time shifted, the time you make it available in your feed should be the same.

(4) Listen-ability

Be careful of too many audible highs and lows in your show. If you produce it yourself make sure you level the sound so that your listener doesn’t have to reach for the volume knob to turn down music, your mic or turn up your interviewers. I use several programs to even out the sound.

(5) Have fun.

Smiles can be heard. Don’t be afraid to laugh but include us in the joke. If you say something witty to your host or to your audience try to make it relevant for the new and the old listener.

(6) Know your Avatar.

Treat your audience like you know them. Be personable. Don’t say “listener” to them. Act like its just one or two people. Picture them in your conversation. Learn who your avatar is and practice talking to it. An avatar in this context is a representative of your ideal listener.

I’ll share some more if liked what I have here. If you have a few you’d like to share please do.

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