Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network

I have been involved in fighting for the rights of gun owners since 1991. I have met and been trained by some of the most capable and knowledgeable firearms instuctors in the country. A few of them got together and saw that gun owners needed more than just time on the range. We needed an education to stay out of jail if we survived a lethal encounter defending ourselves and our families, and then have to face unmeritorious prosecution by the criminal justice system.

They created a Network of gun owners pooling their strength to protect one another when a member comes under scrutiny of the legal system after acting in self defense. Just as the earliest labor unions were mere groups of workers joined together to prevent abuse of individual workers, Network members have joined, not because they expect to use deadly force in self defense, but because they are well aware of the abuses the legal system can enact against the innocent man or women forced to defend self or family.

This organization takes finds the experts and uses the fund amassed from 25% of all membership dues, to provide power to protect your legal rights and legal survival.

They have a huge educational program that starts when you join the Network. This includes a 235-page book plus an informative series of eight educational DVDs is given to each new member, and an additional DVD is sent each year as a renewal gift to returning members.

The Armed Citzen Legal Defense Network is now a sponsor of Blanchard Outdoors.

If you carry a firearm for self defense you need to belong to this group.




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