Freedmen Academy

I have been a protector all my life.  I have worked in almost every job with the word “guard” in it.  Starting with being the eldest child, and progressing from safety patrol, crossing guard, US Marine, “chaser,” American Embassy Guard, bodyguard, security guard, federal police officer, security detailee, counter terrorist, church sexton, “armor bearer” and then pastor.  I have protected diplomats, heads of state, celebrities, children, families, and people in the US Government.  I have watched the POTUS refrigerator, limo and stood outside his bedroom door. I have protected and worked in technical, physical and national security in my career.

Kenn Blanchard

I started my entrepreneurial journey as a firearms instructor seeking to stop accidents in the home and violence on the street.  I found out that the customers I wanted to serve had been led to believe in gun control.  It was not conducive to business. I changed my focused and for the past twenty years I have been an activist, educated and fighting for the rights of the untraditional gun owner. I became known as the Black Man With A Gun. It was the name of my first website in 1999. It has been the name of two books I published. It has always been just one part of me.

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I am returning to my roots in security to share knowledge, tips, and “hacks” for up and coming people that protect and serve. There is nothing new under the sun but a lot of the reasons folks fail is that they don’t realize the genesis for what they are entering into. I hope to help with Freedmens’ Academy. It will be a blog that I will post on with video and items that come to me for the security professional.

I also started a Facebook group to gauge interest and share.


Learning, without any opportunities to share what we’ve learned is  like cooking for ourselves, we do it,  but probably won’t do it as well.





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