This plan outlines the plan to create a new internet radio show utilizing WBGR Network as the conduit to expand all that Blanchard has done over the past fifteen years and create a new show called Blanchard Outdoors.

I need your help though to make this all happen.

The WBGR Network is an online radio station that caters to the Christian community with our Christian / Gospel station and those in the high school and college sports community with our Sports station. They have a combined audience of over 100k listeners and 300k followers via social media. Located in New Carrollton , MD, they have a state of the art facility that will allow me to take my show to the next level.

WBGR network doesn’t have an outdoor related show and realizes the growing number of people in this community that hunt, fish, own firearms or are now seeking that information. This will capitalize on the success of Blanchard’s tenure online and present him before a new audience that consumes online media.

Your donation will be used for the twelve months programming and advertising fees with WBGR and the graphics package, digital postcard, logo designed, marketing imaging for intro and outro of the show, t-shirts and hats, and business cards.

The plan is operate the show and learn the business of internet radio while establishing a video resume that can be sold to a television network. Blanchard is preparing to bring over at least 5000 of his die-hard fans to this new venue and double this using this medium. The next stop, cable tv. It begins here though. And will only happen if you are there.

Help get this talented brother out of the basement studio and into the pros with a new outdoor show that will show, teach and share information on how you can get into the outdoors. Join him as he showcases hunters, guides, boat captains, and takes you with him from the urban perspective to the outdoors.

Help Kenn Blanchard crowdfund this new Indiegogo project.

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