As the US Marine recruiters were driving me away from home at the age of eighteen my mother was hysterically trying to convince them to bring me back. I heard her scream, “but he has allergies!” I hoped they didn’t hear that.

Yes, the boy that was allergic to everything grew up into a man that loves the outdoors more and more. I have learned to appreciate what my grandfather showed me in our times together. I learned to notice what others overlook. I learned to appreciate the beauty of nature and balance it offers.

It started even when I was scratching, coughing, wheezing or sneezing. I outgrew some of the allergies. I manage them now. It was the motorcycle that first got me me to notice what most don’t see going to and fro. Then it was my love of fishing. I would fish in a puddle if given the chance. Saltwater fishing became my thing because their were less mosquitoes and pollen on a shore. The fish were bigger. The saltwater just agreed with me.

My professional career fostered the love of marksmanship and shooting. I have been in almost every job you can name that requires a firearm. I have been protecting people all my life. It has made me appreciate life and God’s creations even more.

Somewhere between struggles I became a minister of the Gospel. There I was a misfit of sorts. I loved the work outside the church more than anything. I believe if I was alive during biblical times I would have been a prophet. I would be roaming the earth, talking to God, delivery Messages nobody wanted to heed. Not much has changed.

I never got into hunting other than the eating part. Nobody at my house hunted. I was around it though. I ate venison, rabbit, squirrel, groundhog, wild hog, turkey, duck and whatever was offered by the talented cooks that are no longer with us. When they went, so did my access to game. My friend De Brown is going to help motivate me when I need it, and keep me in touch with the hunting elements I am not as strong on.

The internet has connected me to hundreds of people that love the same things I do. I am hoping to bring them in, on, and learn from them. I am planning to share everything from cooking tips to harvesting for urban dwellers like me that don’t have a conduit to the outdoors.
I’ve done a lot in my life. What I can share you are going to hear and see it here.

Welcome to Blanchard Outdoors.

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