As my food is digesting from the great Christmas feast we just had I am thinking about this site and how I got here.  When I was a child I used to record voice overs into a reel to reel and then to a cassette my dad bought me.  I loved doing sound effects (foley) and narrating my comics.  Here are some thoughts about it all.

Christmas dinner 2014

Look mom, I am a podcaster now!

I’m a professional speaker, artist, podcaster and freelance writer.  I’ve been online since Y2K and rolling with nuances, changes and innovations.  The bad part is that I haven’t done everything correctly when it comes to search engine optimization, key words or Google analytics so I am catching up now.

I was able to snag a “.media”  from the list of possible  top level domains available now.  They are different from the typical .NET, .COM, and .ORG we are used to. I am pretty happy about that.

Getting to this point was anything but a straight line.  I am in business now but it is lean times as I try to find the “secret sauce” of what I can take to market.  This was a part time activity that I thought about all the time.  I have just had the opportunity to focus on it now after being let go from a good paying contract with the US government.

After getting some cash in 2000 from my famous football star of a cousin to publish my first book, Black Man With A Gun , I used some of the money to go to school to learn broadcasting.  I picked the wrong school.  It went bankrupt.  I did learn some things and was used to produce a audio commercial for a loan company that the school got paid for. (I know, right?)

In 2007, I was a guest of a friend’s podcast.  At the time it was one of the first pro-gun podcast on the internet.  As a gun rights activist that had been involved in some major grassroots victories he had me on as an author.  From 1992 to the present I have been known as the Black Man With A Gun. He encouraged me to start my own show and the Black Man With A Gun show was born.  It reignited my passion and gave me a new hobby that I could use to talk to people about gun rights from the perspective of an African American without leaving home.

I didn’t think I’d be trademarking the phrase “Black Man With A Gun” but I have.  I have had different feeling about the name over the years. It’s gotten me almost kicked out of two churches.  It has cost me promotions, and positions in the government.   I have been the inspiration for more though. It has put me in a place to see politics and politicians.  It has helped me discern the intentions of many.  It has taught me about my country and the freedom we cherish. It is a part of me.

The Black Man With A Gun Show has given me an opportunity to interview newsmakers, athletes and friends in the movement.  It has given me the chance to speak to children, churches and state assemblies.  It has helped me become a better speaker and preacher of the Gospel.  I’ve had the opportunity to try everything from voice overs to singing.  It helped me learn and conquer some fears.

I’ve done many things in my life. I have served in the US military. I have worked with the State Department.  I traveled to 15 countries.  I have protected diplomats and families.  I have preached the Gospel in some unfamiliar places.  I have pastored a urban church.  I have fought terrorist.  I have published several ebooks and a couple of print media.  I have sold my art work on eBay with oil paintings and my pen and ink.

Today, I have something I call Blanchard.Media.  It encompasses all that I do.  On this site are there are links to four podcasts, two blogs and my speaking business.  Podcasting is no longer a hobby for me.  It is a love that has become a business.  I have a community that I serve now.  And it feels great.  I speak regularly and directly to thousands of people every week.  Many make buying decisions directly from my suggestions.  I have even been chided for recommendations.

With my motorcycle podcast I am learning from different types of riders and about products I would never look at in my own limited realm.  Discovery is hot button for me and sharing what I find out with others has been well received.  I’ve been riding for 30 years but never enjoyed it more than I have now because of this show.  I’ve tested a prototype electric Harley Davidson, a Victory cruiser, an Indian motorcycle  and a top of the line Honda Goldwing.  I’ve interviewed a famous comedian and the founders of Americade.  It’s been a great year.

With my Christian show, (Unnamed Church)  I minister to about 50 people and share biblical knowledge to hundreds more along with practical approaches to life.  I don’t blog much on that as most just listen to the five to 15 minute message Monday through Friday.  This show is more than a podcast as I interact on a mini site created for that.  I also offer myself as a pastor to those here.  Next year I will be officiating a wedding from a couple that listen to me.

The newest podcast is helping my college graduate of a son share his love of some very trendy topics in Warriorcast.  I am looking forward to turning it over to him eventually if he want to keep it going.  I suspect it will help him communicate better and even expand his circle of friends in his niches.  It’s done that for me.

With over 400 episodes and a 1.2 million downloads of the Black Man With A Gun show some wonder if I am about to give it up soon.  All I can say right now is I plan to keep on growing.  My daughter cooked a wonderful meal.  The woman can “throw down.”  Life is good.

2015 is going to be awesome.


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