Motorcycle Podcast 35

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Riding is about freedom. As you think about riding or getting your next or first bike, remember its personal. We appreciate freedom. Don’t forget that when you start thinking of that first bike. The bike you choose or ride says a lot about you. There is a tool for every job and a bike for every slob.

Simple Man – Bad Company

I am just a simple man, working on the land
Oh it ain’t easy
I am just a simple man, working with my hands
Oh believe me
Freedom is the only thing means a damn to me
Oh you can’t fake it
Freedom is the only song, sings a song for me
Oh we’re gonna make it


Merry Christmas, Baby!

I am feeling this Christmas season right now and wish you a Happy Holiday season no matter what you celebrate.
If you are looking for some gear, check out they have some cool deals on there.


Happy Holidays




If the season is bring you down and you need to talk to someone, you can call or email me.




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Merry Christmas Baby, originally by Charles Brown.









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