Motorcycle Radio Podcast 34

Fairings, Windchill and Riding This Time of the Year

I put the Christmas lights up this year. I found some that had to be trashed and was quite proud of myself. The weather was cold and damp but still dry. Decided to ride. It gave me the subject for this week. Windchill. You got to protect yourself. A fairing on your bike can extend your riding season. That means that if you are contemplating which bike to get, ask yourself how long you want to ride.

Our body gives off a layer of heat that protects the skin from cold temperatures.  Riding this time of year  will blow this layer away from our skin, taking away our natural defense to the cold.

Wind chill is a great predictor of such dangers as frostbite and hypothermia. Being exposed to below zero wind chills can induce frostbite within five minutes. While wind chills below minus 20 degrees can result in frostbite within a minute of exposure.  Cover up.  Protect yourself at the skin level with lotions, Vaseline, and layers of clothing.

This fairing isn’t much help in the cold.




Neither is this size.
small fairing







But this and the extra stuff you can wear or put on your bike will really help.

from leader motorcycles











Boots matter. Check out these from

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black man with a gun reloaded










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