How To Fix Racism – 6

George Zimmerman Again?

The shooting of Michael Brown is not the first case of a heavy response by the law against African American people recently.

Wilson’s fate might not surprise if he ends unpunished. The case of Travyon Martin, another black teenager shot to death by the wanna-be law enforcement officer, neighborhood watch guy,  George Zimmermann in Florida, ended up in a stirring scenario where his trial ended in acquittal. Though the circumstances happened in a similar fashion, Zimmermann’s case involved a more  scenario since the jury did not consider his case as a racist crime and Zimmermann is himself a Latino, facts that arise an even more crazy nuance of racism in America.

The events of Travyon’s death happened in 2012 in the town home community of Twin Lake, in Sanford, Florida. Travyon was actually a resident of the community for over three months, living with the father and his respective fiancée. A scenario of previous looting and other criminal activities in Twin Lakes were reported by the community to be the action of “people of color”.   Basically, Zimmermann was dealing with the stereotype that any non-white suspect in the town home was a possible offender.

George Zimmermann supposedly approached and argued with Travyon Martin whom he had followed.  Police tapes show that Zimmermann reported Martin but ended up in a fight with the teenager, shooting him to death in the chest and later called again the police.

This case also caused stir in the community and several protests around America happened at the time, though none of them were as dramatic as the Ferguson’s one. However, the events in Florida brought several criticism about the police enforcement, since Zimmermann was the neighborhood watch coordinator and was under the Sanford’s Police responsibility.

Like all police protocols followed by officers, they come from somewhere where a black teen is a suspect.

The animal of hate is alive. The animal of hate has been fed and it is growing. The animal of hate grows from fear and mistrust. It was thrown a big bone with meat on it from the Zimmerman acquittal.

Second-degree murder is defined as a killing carried out with hatred, ill will or spite, but is not premeditated. To convict Zimmerman of manslaughter, jurors would have had to believe he “intentionally committed an act or acts that caused the death of Trayvon Martin.” The prosecution didn’t prove it. That is just our system of justice. It doesn’t have to make sense, that is just how it is.

An immature man killed another he had racially profiled and then got into a fight with. Using everything he could and knew he got out of going to jail for second-degree murder or manslaughter. Every black and Hispanic mother that has lost a child to violence, gangs and whatever since Emmitt Till is feeling this loss.

Race is very much at the heart of every argument concerning this case. Why, because it is easy. Why because it never died. It is an animal. It gives certain “types” a platform. The people who are anti-rights  have successfully connected the tragedy of the Zimmerman/ Martin shooting with gun control in many of the minds of the city. Now gun owners have to or think they have to defend their right to self-defense, and try not be branded a racist for it. Black gun owners are caught in the middle because people they know are saying crazy stuff in response to pain, fear and social media. The uninitiated in the black community, because of entertainers and personalities are banding together to boycott Florida, as if self-defense does not apply to all people. Some are blaming the “Stand Your Ground law, which is as old as Rome. That basically means you have the right to defend yourself in your castle/home.  Zimmerman used that thing like a “hail Mary” pass.  It didn’t even score but it got your attention and folks are dwelling on it.

All creatures on earth will defend themselves if threatened. It’s not about that.   Black people that think that we should still allow someone else to protect you are  living with a slave like mentality. Our government is not capable and is unwilling to save us. Want proof?Young men are dying daily in Chicago. We have moral issues. We have community issues. It is just too convenient to blame someone else. It ain’t about Zimmerman. We have been strategically placed in a pit. It is not a valid fight. Every opportunistic politician and ambulance chasing race baiter is using this to breathe life into his or her campaign for their personal interest. Others are feeding the fears and teaching racism to a new generation.

In America, if you have a good lawyer you can get away with just about anything. Right and wrong are not decided in a court room.

We need to step back, turn off the hate mongers, and dividers. Where am I on this?  I am with the people confused and angry, fearful and lashing out.  I am trying to help heal the hurt by sharing the message that this isn’t the end.  This isn’t new.  Your enemy is not each other but a monster thought dead or sleeping called racism.  Don’t let it make you think it is not there.

If you can’t increase the peace don’t add to the noise.




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