Warriorcast Podcast is Coming

Back in the 70’s the Bruce Lee bug caught me. I wanted and needed to learn how to protect myself from bullies, gangs and the kind of fights that happened back in the day. I ate, drank and slept martial arts back then. Fast forward to today, I am a middle aged father of a wonderful son. My love of the martial arts passed through my DNA to him and he is taking it to another level. After talking to grandpa recently, I found out I didn’t start it. (smile)

I am very excited to be creating a “father and son” show. The show notes will be here at BMG. Look at this guy. Pops is so proud.

Ken II, also known as “KickinitKen” is featured in two videos below The first was his first video and the second is his latest to date. I talked him into joining his old man in starting a new podcast that will share this journey as he helps me understand the growing Mixed Martial Arts world. We are going to also throw a liberal amount of Zombie stuff and gaming reviews.

The show is called WarriorCast. Stay tuned.

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