Are Two Million Bikers Are Coming to DC ?

According to the website, organizers and the speaker that annouced she was coming, the answer is YES. I welcome them, wish I had known about this before. We could have had a cookout.

The website has the info. It says:

We at 2 Million Bikers to D.C. believe in God, Country, our Constitution and ALL our Bill of Rights as written by our Founding Fathers. We will work to peacefully oppose any and all who wish to fundamentally transform our country from our founding Father’s original intent. We will work to maintain America as “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” one State and One citizen at a time.
Our main Mission will always be: To honor the victims of 9-11, the survivors and the first responders. In addition, we honor our members of the Armed Forces who have sacrificed, some giving all for the citizens of the United States. This will be done by sponsoring a memorial ride annually to our nation’s capital on September 11th. We Honor those who continue to serve our Country and its Citizens. We will provide assistance through the raising of funds to contribute to survivors of 9-11 or those in need as a result of these attacks. To support our Brothers and Sisters by participating, supporting and promoting Patriot, Veteran and Constitutional rides across the country.
Our Vision: To shine the light of truth and give hope by participating in events that feature God, Veterans, The Constitution and pride in our American core Values and Beliefs.

Here is the link to the FB page which will have all the info!
Here is the links to all the state groups:

2014 Rally Flyer

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