2014 Indian Vintage Test Ride

This week I got the opportunity to test ride a 2014 Indian from . It is the blue model with the natural leather bags and seat with the fringes. It had the the vintage white wall tires and the custom looking fenders with the little silver Indian head on top. The bike had been in the sun for awhile and should wear from the ultraviolet. I called ahead and asked for a test ride a . Then I came over two days earlier. The service was great and the salesman “Brad” was great . After signing the waivers, and proving that I had a license he prepared the bike for our ride. He rode ahead of me on Indian Scout model, that was less flashy than the one I was on. We took about a 10 minute ride around the area through a nice part of Annapolis, Maryland.


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I’ve been riding motorcycles sine 1975. I know that everybody has their own preferences for rides. This week I rode the smoothest motorcycle I have ever operated. I wasn’t ready for that. It was smooth because the Indian’s wheelbase and lower bar height made it the responsive and easy to move at low speeds and when I had to punch it to turn a corner it glided into it effortless. I am six foot tall and rode like it was made for me. The words, “like a boss” came to mind.

The bike has a traditional rake that is 29 degrees which along negative offset gives it a 68.1-inch wheelbase. Which basically means it is designed for cruising comfort to me. I think my Harley Davidson FLHT (HD) has a 26 degree stock rake.

Technically, the rake is the angle of the neck and a vertical line. The rake angle effects steering ability, the smaller the rake angle then the easier the bike is to corner but will be less stable in a straight line.

And the offset is the distance drawn through the center of the steering stem headstock axis and the centre line of the front fork tubes.

It sits a little lower than my HD, has a 0.5 gallon larger gas tank, and doesn’t have the dual disk brakes that my HD has. I was able to stop effectively on this ride. It has 1811 cc engine vs the 1450 that is on my HD. The Indian is about 50 lbs heavier but I thought it was lighter by the way it handled. In short- I WANT ONE.

At first, I was a little put off by the fringe. After I got off the bike I was already thinking about a matching buckskin coat and chaps with fringe. Over the top, maybe? I would look like Sheriff Bart from Blazing Saddles. Cost of this bad boy is somewhere around 20K. Chesapeake Cycles had some incentives like accessories, a discount for military and what I thought was good customer service. I love the color blue but red would just look nice with the Motorcycle Radio logo.

More about it on episode 19 of Motorcycle Radio Podcast

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