American Indian By Polaris

I am probably late to the party but I just found out that the sassy new Indian motorcycle is now owned by Polaris.

This blog and podcast has opened my eyes to beautiful motorcycles like the Indian. I knew it was legacy American brand even though Harley Davidson gets all the press. Indian motorcycles have been around since 1901. I didn’t know Polaris owned them unto recently. Polaris is the big company that owns all kinds of power sports like high quality off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and the new Polaris RANGER® and RZR® side-by-side vehicles, snowmobiles, on-road electric/hybrid powered vehicles and Victory and Indian motorcycle.

According to the guy at Chesapeake Cycles I spoke to, this is the third iteration of Indian. The Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company went bankrupt in 1953. A number of successor organizations have perpetuated the name in subsequent years, with limited success. In 2011 Polaris Industries purchased Indian Motorcycles and relocated operations from North Carolina, merging them into existing facilities in Minnesota and Iowa. Since August 2013, three motorcycle models that capitalize on Indian’s traditional styling have been built under the Indian name.

I met the owner of an Indian that said he “absolutely loved this bike.” The old guy said he owns three other Harleys but only rides this one. R. Lee Ermey “the Gunny” told me during a phone conversation that he is a Harley guy too but he rides and loves his Victory motorcycle. If you believe in buying American products now you have a choice. Victory too is unique and has gotten great reviews from the guys I have met around the area.

I wonder what it would take to become a brand ambassador for Polaris. I think I could get a color combination that matches the logo of Motorcycle Radio and add some text to it when I travel to report and visit shows/events.

Going to try to test ride my dream bike at CHESAPEAKE CYCLES, INC, 104 DEFENSE HIGHWAY, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401.

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