Our KickStarter Campaign- FAILED

My Project Failed – But So What?

Kickstarter is a platform that allows you try to get your audience to fund your project with the caveat that if it is not 100% funded they are not charged for their support. It’s a money back guarantee of sorts. It’s more than that.

It takes some thought and energy to create a kickstarter program and then get it approved. Then it allows the creator of the project to see who in his or her community truly believes in them. That part is priceless. Who are your super fans? Who cheers you on with a donation to prove it?

For the Campaign, I was trying to purchase a new computer system and cameras to record rides and events as I grow this blog and podcast. The project eneded on 6 August without much fanfare. I had seven backers. Six that I know and one that said they like backing projects at the end to show that they back projects . I guess that is a tactical move since it may help them in statistics somehow without the fear of losing any money.

There are other sites like , , , and but I don’t know about the last two.

Even though we celebrate winners more than losers I don’t feel bad about this project not being funded. In the time it took to produce and wait I wasn’t idle. Failure isn’t final.

Woody allen said – “If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.

I found a USA company that makes great pieces to put your camera, GPS and accessories on your motorcycle and made a good friend in the process at LeaderMotorcycles.com. I found a camera that I used for this video, that I will be using for as long as it holds up.

What has happened since the kickstarter program went live is that I have interviewed or spoken to a large number of people in the industry, in Hollywood, locally and internationally that are involved in the motorcycle community. The result has left me excited and hopeful that this is a place I can grow this show to other medium.

I have so much still to learn. I have more people to interview. There are products I get to see and review and you and I get to share the experience together.

Today, I spoke to a person that is interested in helping me take this to traditional radio. Now I have to find four principle sponsors so I can make it happen.

This is going to be a great ride.

Thank you.

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