What is Your Dream Ride?

I would be willing to bet that when you read title to this weeks blog you probably thought I was going to talk about makes of bikes. Nope, I am talking about where to ride. We get addicted to riding because of the freedom, the smells, the drop in temperature when you ride through a shaded part of the road, feeling the G’s as we accelerate out of a curve. The majority of my rides typically stay within a couple hundred miles of my house. I have a couple dream rides on my bucket list. They are “” and .
There are more rides way to numerous to list in this article but one that is on the list is to ride “The Tail of the Dragon” is located in in . Its an 11 mile stretch scenic road that has 318 curves! This stretch of road is a favorite of sport bikers, full dressers, and everyone in between. Once I get my new bike this will be a priority ride for me so I can add this patch to my vest.
The road is used also by anyone who loves curvy such as Corvette, Porsche, and Miata car clubs. Many bikers believe this to be one of the best and most challenging rides in the eastern half of the U.S. Imagine a nice ride through the country on a two lane road with more curves than you can dream of.
Tail of the Dragon is also known as US 129 and changes in elevation as well as has a series of steep “S” curves.  The elevation at the Official Deals Gap entrance is 1962 feet and is located on the NC and Tennessee state lane. The lowest elevation is 877 feet.  The speed limit on the road is 30 mph and its a good idea to stick to it. Don’t be distracted by the beautiful countryside and it is beautiful. The attraction here is the road and the challenge to ride the road. If you don’t give this road its due respect you can get hurt or killed. If you seen the movie The Fugitive with Harrison Ford where he was jumped by the Dam, that is this area.
The Deals Gap website describes the road as “This is a very special and unique highway. There are no intersecting roads, no houses with driveways and no businesses. Each and every curve is different. There is very little elevation change. And many of the curves are banked like a race track.”
The other ride I want to participate in is called the Hoka He Motorcycle Challenge. I became aware of them a few years ago when I came across their both at a local bike show. You see my wife and I enjoy endurance motorcycle riding. I have participated in the Saddle Sore ride already and when I can find my receipts and paperwork I will send it in for my patch. When I came across the Hoka Hey it was running from Key West Florida to Anchorage Alaska. Obviously this is a ride I have to do when I either hit the lottery or retire. Since I don’t play the lottery I guess it will be when I retire.
This is not your average Sunday joy ride on your bike.  They bill it as “The Toughest Motorcycle Ride on Earth”.  This ride is not for people who get tired after riding a couple hundred miles. According to their website this ride is not for people who are afraid of getting lost, faint of heart, weak of resolve or stamina.
Listen to their description of the Challenge from their webpage.
“The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ celebrates all that is good, pure and powerful in the warrior spirit. The courage to plunge headlong into untested waters. The strength to confront seemingly insurmountable challenges. The confidence and skill to tackle enormous tasks. The drive to continue the quest in spite of brutal physical elements. The selflessness and humanity to assist other warriors during the battle. And the ability to seek out and welcome spiritual balance and harmony”
Make no mistake this is not a speed race. You will not be rewarded for speeding. Other than gas and lodging their are other costs associated with the challenge. The entry fee is 1,000 dollars however it is waived for this year. You will also have to pay to have a tracking device by US Fleet installed on your bike.  In the Past they have given monetary rewards for those who finished first but this is again not a speed contest but an endurance contest.
The requirements are a V twin bike, a tank no larger than 6.2 gallons, a working odometer, no extra fuel tanks or auxiliary tanks. Finally no electronic systems like GPS. This ride is to test you and your ability. No matter what your dream ride is ride your ride. Don’t let the ride of others dictate how fast or long you should go. Know your limits and ride safe.
Kenn and I would love to hear what your dream ride is. Share it with us by contacting Kenn. You never know you may inspire another Biker or find a future fellow Biker to ride with you.
Chuck Bowser AKA “Deuce”

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