You Rock

When I started radio I didn’t realize how much I would learn the second time around. Thank You. I have been riding motorcycles since 1977. I have taken a professional riding course and ridden from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. but I am not a prolific rider. I haven’t done everything right all the time. I didn’t talk to experts and do the best practices or get the feedback and combined experience of riders of all styles of vehicles until this blog.

Since starting this podcast in May 2014, I have spoken to the leaders of Americade, local dealerships, cEO’s of safety equipment and people that have participated in iron butt rides, international travel on two wheels and raced professionally.
ALL OF THAT has been a blessing. I have learned so much in a short time that I know this blog and podcast has helped others because it has helped me. As of today, and the number is growing, we have had 10,000 downloads of this show on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and podcast aggregates all over the US and Canada. An amazing 8% of my audience is also international. How cool is that?

the Love Man

I love the people that ride. We are a different breed. And I say that complimentary because the people that have already commented on this site and sent me emails of encouragement have already shared tips and experiences that have influenced my decision on how I ride from now on. What I didn’t realize is how many people already in my circle were riders. There has been a cross pollination of firearms instructors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, parents, grandparents, and even pastors that enjoy motorcycling or have been contemplating it.

As the owner of told me, he “believes riding motorcycles is a social good.” He said that “it is good for you, your neighbors community country and planet.” Andy Goldfine told me over the phone with passion that he

“believes riding makes you a little sharper, clearer of mind, healthier and more centered.”

I had never heard this spoken like this before. And he was not talking about the stereotypical out of shape biker in tank top but the person that has chosen to ride safely, and purposely. It’s cool guys like that, that I have been honored to speak with because of this podcast.


There has been a lot of improvements in protective apparel for example since I rode my CB 350 in November wearing a snowmobile jumpsuit with no real thermal protection, or abrasion resistance if I fell. Now I have talked to people that believe in ATGATT (all the gear all the time) today there are options like GORE-Tex, ballistic nylon, suits with 500 denier Cordura fabric, abrasion resistant nylon, and even sewn in or removable armor.

Brain Buckets

The helmets have changed. tradition and laws have spurned rebels and created a business of design that has become a culture all by itself. Styles range from no helmet, fake helmets, traditional, 3/4 1/2, novelty, full face and people creating helmets that might some day rival the comic book character Iron man. I just bought a modular helmet for the first time with a blue tooth configuration that I hope I can adapt to.


Bikes have changed too. There is a bike and configuration for everyone. Women are no longer just ornaments and passengers. They ride their own bikes, have their own groups and do their own things. Because of this podcast i have spoken to Can Am riders, and veterans and senior citizens for whatever reason, sometimes health or physical ability are riding trikes and custom quads. And its a beautiful thing.

Not Just The Street

Being an urban dweller longing for the country again, I saw a bike that I could ride on the loam roads of my youth without fear. it was a grown up dirt bike with enough lights and luggage systems to carry, camp or escape the next zombie apocalypse. soon as I ffure how to carry my guitar or a rifle on one…

Are you one of us?

Are you a positive person, that loves one of the many elements of motorycling? Welcome to motorcycle radio. I hope you join our mailing list, subscribe to the podcast and consider sharing your stories, experience and knowledge with me here. You rock. Thank you for educating a brother and sharing so we all ride better.

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