BMW’s – Not The Droids I Was Looking For

‘s are new to me. Nobody in my family has ever owned one. I have never been in the circle of friends that ride them. As I grow from the combined knowledge of Radio friends I wanted to see what I have been missing. At one time I wanted the one that was on the James Bond movie, the BWM R1200 Cruiser but I think “that ship has sailed.”

BMW owners seem different to me. I’ve rode Yamahas, Suzukis, Hondas, Harleys, Triumphs, and a . BMW riders, are always suited up like assassins in a Jason Statham movie. In preparation for an interview with the founder of MotorDiscovery, a motorcycle adventure company I visited a local BMW dealership in , . It wasn’t the best first impression. As a heterosexual male, I felt I was walking into a Victoria’s Secret store.

“those are not the droids you are looking for.”

The bikes are different. Don’t think folks that own these spend a lot of time with polish or spend money on chrome. I actually sat on a used and a endure that was a must have during the next zombie apocalypse. It has lights that cut through darkness like lights we would use in CQB. Seating positions are different too. I think I felt like I was in an English saddle. My bike was straight and I felt like I should be holding a cup of tea.

One of the salesman feigned interest until I asked for a test ride. He mentioned something about only if I was about to buy one because they had just cleaned these bikes up. Wish he had said something else. It just felt so 1950’s to me.

“those are not the droids you are looking for.”

I introduced myself, mentioned that I was interested in knowing about the ride to Cuba that the owner was participating in but when I turned around he was gone. Maybe he was going to get the owner and bring me in to the office for an interview but I missed it.  Obi Gone didn’t come back before I left.  I understand.

The most information I got was from one young bearded dude that I would ask for if I ever returned. Guess I am not of that order of Jedi.

One thought on “BMW’s – Not The Droids I Was Looking For

  1. That sounds like a bad dealer experience……I have had those, but my local BMW dealer has always at least just left me alone……..never in a “get away” kind of way, but then I never asked for a test ride!

    Most dealers I know are hard pressed to let you go on a test ride…..I suppose it might be that I never asked for a test ride……but still, being interested in a potential customer is sales 101 stuff.

    We do live in a strange world……and even though I am a white male, I can appreciate the various bias that people can have, Go ride a Suzuki VSTROM….that’s what I ride, and it is a fun adventure bike and I suspect you are tall enough to flat foot it in the stock form! ( I lowered mine)

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