Prince Georges County Animal Shelter

Ten years ago, I wanted to get a dog for my family.  I started doing research on breeds and temperaments.  I was reading everything I could about what kind of dog might work best of us.  I ended up after a few months on the County Animal shelter page and saw that all kinds of came through.  I decided on a Doberman.  I sent a request that if a Doberman came in, to email me.  A few days before my birthday, I was contacted and a red Doberman female was there.  She was sickly, and had been abused.  I stopped in after work to see if this dog was worth a second look.IMG_0638

She was in a section of dogs not for because of illness or temperament.  Surrounded by barking aggressive and abused frothing at the mouth dogs, was this little reddish brown dog.  She wasn’t barking.  I thought she was crying.  I bent down to her and she licked my hand oblivious to the sounds that were going around her.  She looked like an inmate on death row that had lost hope.  It broke my heart.  I told the keeper that she was the one I wanted.  He asked if I was sure.  I said yeah.  We rescued each other.

Thinking it was a done deal I went and told the family.  They didn’t care, I was the dog guy in the house.  I then learned that there was an extensive process for adoption.  I had to be checked out, there were fees to be paid, medical bills etc.  after all of that, I had to actually bring my family in to see if they were ok with it.  That was harder than paying the cost to spay her.  My persnickety wife and girlie girl daughter were not trying to go into a kennel if they didn’t have to.  My son, allergies and all, rounded out the opposition.  they put us all in what looked like a jail from a western and brought in the doberman who at this point came right to me and licked my hand.  I had been coming by once a week to see her during the process.  My family said “meh” whatever dad, and I was good to go.

The day I picked up my new friend, was dramatic.  I had to sign a bunch of papers and when they bought her out, she leaped into my lap.   I was sitting outside the door waiting at the new facility in Prince Georges County and people applauded.  For some reason there was a group of folks in the waiting room and several staff members watching.  You could hear a collective “ahhhhhhhh” as my new dog friend and I bonded.  The family loves her too and I have nothing but mushy stuff to share when it comes to talking about this dog.

Well, that was ten years ago and she is still my bud.  Miss Ginger is the reason I would like to create a symbiotic relationship with the shelter with the help of motorcyclist in our community.

Are You Radio?

I created a post and had a monologue of what it means to be a positive force, radiating out that I spoke about on the episode 13 of the podcast.  The community is more than just a group of riders of , , , , , , and  Ams.  We are trying to leave the earth better than we found it.  I have decided to start off with a little social project outside of the norm that I will hope you will help me with.

We are adopting the Prince Georges County Animal Shelter.  Asking for donations (that will go directly to them through their web portal).  We will be putting a ride together before the end of the year as well on its behalf.



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