How Can I Improve?

Motorcycle Radio is a project that I started in May (motorcycle awareness month) and the unofficial beginning of the riding season about motorcycles, and the people that ride them. I have been riding for thirty years but not a mechanic or really knowledgeable about all the nuances of the sport I love to learn about. I absolutely love hearing and learning about all the elements of the riding community. We have cool clothes. We have a cool culture. We ride all kinds of things. We have great people that have done amazing things, and taken phenomenal trips. And there are so many stories that haven’t not been shared. As a person who cannot effectively turn a wrench without stripping, ripping or breaking something but you probably can and I can learn.

Motorcycle Radio aims to bring information and entertainment that you love to listen to. I am trying to add new elements that keep you coming back and wanting to contribute to. This is our hangout. You know how cool it is to ride. It’s really nice to be with someone that understands what you know.

You know its not just about Harleys, sport bikers, Can Am Spyders, or trikes. It’s about us against the world. We are sharing a road with people oblivious to what we see, hear and smell. We ride to feel the freedom of the air on our skin.

We are the only ones that know why dogs stick their heads out the window.

We come from all different walks of life but we share this one passion. Some more than others. For me, its a family. I would like this to be more than a hobbyist podcast found somewhere in the Automotive section of iTunes. I would like this to be the Associated Press or the 60 Minutes of motorcycle clubs, men and women that ride. It would be great to help other clubs get the word out, promote events and be the invited guest at special functions because our reach is so great. Would love to be the source you look for to advertise and promote your dealership, product or service because of our reputation and international community.

This is the show where we wax poetically about motorcycles past, present and future. We talk helmets, and hardware, iron butts and crotch rockets. We share stories, jokes, good and bad times. And we might even talk cigars, bars and with movie stars that ride. You will hear blues, rock and talk about BBQ. If you are a new rider, or an old head, welcome. I don’t care if you are 1% or whole milk, you’re welcome. ┬áIt’s more than a project now. It’s a community. Thank you.

Welcome to Motorcycle Radio. Help us grow. Please let me know how I can make this blog and podcast better for you.

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People are like Motorcycles: each is customized a bit differently.

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Kenn Blanchard host of Motorcycle Radio

Kenn Blanchard host of Motorcycle Radio

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2 thoughts on “How Can I Improve?

  1. Hello Kenn
    Thanks for your podcasts brother, I am a fellow pastor and motorcycle enthusiast and I love guns and shoot whenever possible. I play guitar too.
    I heard you for the first time on God n guns podcast and really liked your involvement in aforementioned activities!
    Thanks for what you do and we will pray for your success!

    In His service

    Pastor Dee

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