I Lost My Gloves

Ok, maybe I didn’t lose my gloves but I did misplace them. It made me think it would be a good idea to update my riding gear this season. I saw these online and like them. You have any experience with Alpinestars brand? What would you recommend for the summer season?

One thought on “I Lost My Gloves

  1. Revzilla tends to carry more of the mid to high-end stuff, so keep that in mind. I was recently looking for gloves and were looking at theirs.

    I haven’t tried these, but two things come to mind:

    1) Not sure how much the snap closure excites me. Pushing a snap on my wrist doesn’t sound real comfortable. I’ve been quite happy with velcro. If I don’t remember to fasten the velcro then it is really easy to swipe it against my chest while riding and close it. Not so much with a snap.

    2) I use my iPhone both to listen to music (I have Bluetooth in my helmet) and use Waze for GPS navigation on the iPhone. I’m thinking about the Icon Pursuit because if the TechTouch finger (so I can mess with the iPhone without taking my gloves off). Not sure I’d do it with the wheels turning, but can fix things at a red light or a quick pull over.

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