Do You Know How I Know?

Do You Know How I Know This Blog and Podcast Is Going To Rock?

When I got the idea to start this blog and podcast I was (am) going through some stuff. I needed something positive. I needed a win. You ever get like that? That is a point where your “bucket is full.” You don’t want any more bad news. You don’t want any more bills, negative people, or issues.

I had got the idea from a friend that had recommended me to the guys that are responsible for one of the largest motorcycle conventions in the US, When I was talking about podcasting and the event, I didn’t really have a “motorcycle” show. I marinated on the idea.

I was praying and what you see popped into my head. You can say what you want but I took that as a good thing. I got up that morning and got the domain name. Then I started thinking how I could do this. I had all the equipment. I absolutely love podcasting.

Writing for this blog is easy. The responses and replies I have been getting have been positive and fast. Most of the same folks I talk to on Facebook also ride. I didn’t know it. From what I can tell, there isn’t a whole bunch of podcast that approach motorcycles and the community like I will.

I know that the power of podcasting is the niche. My niche is that I like people. I know that if I could hang around with some of the people I know and get them to tell a little of what they know I would have a dynamite show. Everybody has a story. We ride all kinds of things. We spend goo gobs of money on chrome, and personalization. There is a story in that. There are events that I haven’t even found out about but you know. And the list is endless. Plus, this is fun.

So I took my dusty 2005 Harley out of mothballs and rode it to a place that customizes bikes. I have been watching this place ( for years and thought the people were nice enough to do service on a bike that has sat more than it has been on the highway without passing judgement on me too bad.

I also hope that by being around all the chrome and custom machines some will find its way on my standard bike without any accoutrements. I decided to add a radio to it since a minister had given it to me as a gift a few years ago and I never had it installed.

On my way out I met a guy with more chrome on his bike than Cylon on Battlestar Galactica. He turned out to be a senior pastor of a Baltimore church. We bonded instantly.chromepastor

When I submitted my feed to itunes for review it came back in seven hours instead of seven days. When I spoke about what I wanted to do with a few motorcycle sales people they offered to help me with content. Things are just coming together. For once I am not swimming upstream only to be snagged by a bear.

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  1. I think a bunch of us turn to motorcycles when we’re feeling a little world-weary, which speaks to the power of the ride.

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