What Do You Do To Get Ready For the Riding Season?

It is pouring right now.  The rain that is coming down has exceeded the cats and dogs stage.  Made me think of the dayglo riding outfit I saw at Motorcycle Riders Company in Odenton, MD.
I’m not riding today but I am getting ready for the season to come.  What do you do?  The battery tender I bought is worth the money.  MRC has a bunch of great accessories like that.  I used to have to buy a battery every year as part of my ritual.
Do you have any annual rituals?
My bike has been out twice since the weather has warmed but it was just to start it up or ride it around the block.  We have had plenty of unexpected warm days after a crazy long winter but that is just me.  I saw a lot of sport bikers out long before I dared.  I remember those days.  I made my appointment for service.  I had to wait three weeks.  And didn’t mind.  Its a scheduled maintenance thing I want to do–to keep my bike pristine in case I sell her.
I went to a Harley dealership over the winter and the lady hasn’t stopped calling me yet.   Hope they become a sponsor of this blog with that kind of persistence.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Do To Get Ready For the Riding Season?

  1. Well….battery tender is GREAT, and saves my battery (mostly my wallet because I don’t end up ruining a battery) An oil change is always on my list, we well as a close inspection of things like tires, brakes, fork seals, shocks…..etc…. I have a chain (new to me on this bike) so an good chain inspection and adjustment…as well as a regular chain lube!

  2. There are 2 things – the state of the bike and the state of the rider.

    The bike, you’re talking battery, tire pressure, chain maintenance, maybe cables depending on the age of the bike, maybe fuel issues if you let it sit with ethanol fuel in the carbs. (Oops) Common sense stuff, and one can’t really be too meticulous.

    The rider needs to prep too. Don’t leap on and take a super long ride – go easy at first, re-acclimatize, let yourself get “ride fit” again. Don’t ride angry, give yourself plenty of time for the ride, bring your fully charged cell phone and a tire repair kit, and maybe a snack and a small drink if you’re headed out to country roads (and I know you are!)

    Finally, keep your head on a swivel and really concentrate for that first ride, skills are perishable so go easy.

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