Made A New Friend Today

When I was kid the best we could hope for is a mini-bike.  Look at this.  You can ride this little monster on the street.

Today I made friends with Josh Thompson of PowerSports of Crofton, MD.  This is a great guy that showed me a cute little I had never heard by Honda.

It is a 2014 Honda Grom, the smallest production fuel-injected 125cc street bike on the market.

Trail81mm (3.2 inches)
Wheelbase47.2 inches
Seat Height29.7 inches
Fuel Capacity1.45 gallons
Curb Weight225 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel—ready to ride)

This shop sells everything except planes.  I am talking lawnmowers, boat motors, ATV’s plus gear.  They had used Harleys, Hondas, MotoGuzzis and custom bikes for sale at great prices.  Stop by and ask for Josh.

Honda PowerSports of Crofton is located at 745 State Route 3, Grambrills, MD 21054

After years of podcasting and becoming comfortable with interviews and product reviews, I am slowly building contacts and resources that I can call on to give you great information, news and good stories.  Thanks, Josh.

You can hear our conversation on an future episode of Motorcycle Radio Podcast.

3 thoughts on “Made A New Friend Today

  1. I am not sure I could enjoy a GROM…even I would be scrunched up too must! I have a 250cc scooter, and that is much nicer…..with luggage space in a top case and under seat…..

  2. The beautiful thing about the Grom is that it handles like a sport bike, gets the fuel economy of a scooter, and has a clutch! It’s a blast to ride.

  3. The Grom is very new to the US. It looks like a hoot, and hopefully gets more young people riding because of its unintimidating and fun nature.

    I’m partial to those new 500cc Hondas myself.

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